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Evaluation Timeline

What is the evaluation?

An annual evaluation is required at the university.  The evaluation serves several purposes:

  • Merit Salary: According the to KSU faculty handbook: C40 "The evaluation will provide the basis for any merit pay increases in salary" and;

  • Reappointment:  C50.1 "These annual evaluations also serve as an opportunity to provide feedback" in reappointment decisions

  • Workload Percentages: From our department documents IV C.9 "The faculty member and their respective associate director can work with the school director to negotiate, clarify, and designate load or goals as they apply to evaluation at any time."

What is expected?

The School has a set of documents called the Personnel Review and Evaluation Standards/Procedures that govern the various steps and details for the evaluation.  These procedures are designed by the School's faculty, but must align to K-State policy.  Both evaluation and reappointment run concurrently.


  1. All faculty must submit an annual evaluation form.  Highlights matter much more than quantity.

  2. Faculty are evaluated by an elected evaluation committee.  Faculty are evaluated on their explicit appointment in Teaching, Service, and/or RSCAD (Research, Scholarship, Creative Activities, & Discovery).  Some faculty do not have appointments in all three areas.

  3. Each faculty member meets individually with the school director during the second week of the spring semester to review the evaluation, determine or adjust load percentages in Teaching, RSCAD, and Service from the evaluation year, and sign the evaluation.


  1. All faculty must submit an annual evaluation form. (same as above)

  2. All tenured faculty review all non-tenured faculty.  Recommendation letters are requested of tenured faculty who provide a supporting narrative and vote on reappointment.  The director then reports to the dean on the vote and discussion, and the dean determines reappointment.

Evaluation & Reappointment Timeline

September 15: Evaluation form due from all faculty members

  • Mid-October Reappointment Meeting: For tenure-track faculty in their second year and all non-tenure-track faculty (except those in their first year)

Friday before Thanksgiving Break: Annual Evaluation Committee meets to evaluate faculty

  • December 15:  Faculty in their first academic year submit reappointment materials (another evaluation form) upon their first semester.


  • January Reappointment Meeting:  For faculty in their first academic year

Late January-Early February: Evaluation meetings

  • March Reappointment Meeting: For tenure-track faculty with 2+ years service

May-July: New contracts are distributed

What isn't part of the annual evaluation?

Promotion:  The annual evaluation is not connected to opportunities for promotion. See section VII of the Personnel Review and Evaluation Standards/Procedures handbook for more information.

Mid-tenure Review:  Tenure‐track faculty members participate in a formal review approximately mid‐way through the probationary period of employment.  More information may be found in section VI B of the Personnel Review and Evaluation Standards/Procedures handbook.

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