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Submit your news & events

  • Publish a branded social media post

  • Submit your news to K-State Today

  • Publish your events to the K-State calendar

  • Create a facebook event

How it works

There are more effective means of marketing than sharing K-State Today articles.  Help us grow our community by requesting a branded social media post.

Filling out the form

The form is designed to quickly and simply get the information we need.


It will let you customize your announcement and allow us to do any of the following on your behalf: create and publish a branded social media post, submit your news to K-State Today, publish an event to the SMTD and K-State event calendar, and create a facebook event.  Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email with what you submitted.  Simply reply to the confirmation email to make changes.  Depending upon your request, your information will be published in various ways:

Branded Social Media Posts

Your information will go to our social media administrator, David Wood, who will schedule your news to be published along with the link, video, or photos that you provide.  Photos may be put into a branded template to make our content appear more professional and standardized. 

We have saved your faculty headshot and shortened bio.  You may select to use your saved headshot, bio, and link to your webpage on the form.

K-State Today Submissions

Your information will currently be submitted on behalf of the "School of Music, Theatre, and Dance."  We have saved all faculty headshots and shortened bios from your K-State pages.  For faculty accomplishments, you may simply select to use your headshot and bio with a link to your page on the form.  K-State Today editors will ask for your approval before publishing.

Publish to K-State & SMTD Calendars

Your information will be sent to associate director, Ben Stark, who will input the information for your event on the K-State and SMTD calendars.  

Create a Facebook Event

Your information will be sent to our social media administrator, David Wood, who will work the division, group, or ensemble's facebook page to create a facebook event.  

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